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Tips on Making Long Distance Caregiving Easier and Effective

Often, adult children living many miles from their aging parents feel guilty that they are not able to closely take care of them. The good news is that it IS possible to provide attentive care from a distance. Actually, long distance care is oftentimes optimized for aging patients without family nearby.

Provide Long Distance Caregivingby implementing the following:

  • Taking Advantage of Technology!

Home monitoring services allow for instantaneous check-ins with your parents. State-of-the-art technology allows you to call and video-chat with them from many locations throughout the world. This technology allows for peace of mind. In times of concern or emergency, it allows for adult children to physically see how their parents are doing. In times of isolation, home video monitoring services can allow for voice exchange between you and your parents.

  • Setting Up Home Care Services Assessments!

Periodically assessing the status of your aging parents will ensure that appropriate assistance is provided to them, as they need them, when they need them. Home care agencies employ caretakers, whose sole jobs are to provide exceptional care for your aging parents.

  • Accepting that use of our services is the best decision for you and your parents!

Needing help is nothing to feel bad about!  Millions of people take advantage of caregivers, even those who live near their aging parents. Supplemental care is utilized to optimize the care received by seniors.

  • Planning Regular Visits

Long distance care minimizes the likelihood of experiencing burnout from caring for aging parents. However, prioritizing visits allows for close bonds to be maintained. Quality time is an integral part of high quality care. Weekly or monthly visits allow for further identification of any other needs we can fulfill for you aging parents.

Long Distance Care is the Best Form of Care!

No longer worry about your aging parents. With technology and our senior services, you can effectively and easily care for your parents from afar. Professionals care coupled with your attentive visits, while maximize your aging parents’ care. Together they will receive the physical, mental and emotional care they need as they progress through their latter years.

Read more tips on providing long distance caregiving on the AARP website





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